Living fossil.

I was born in the late seventies … if I was born 100 years earlier, somewhere in the nineteenth century, I would probably wonder if this nice, sunny place, on this charming cemetery nearby, this one next to the grave of my uncle Alfred, it’s still available. Fortunately, we have the 21st century and life expectancy is growing. However, just to be sure, I checked if there was no moss on northern side of my body. After making sure that everything is alright, I decided to continue what I had planned for a long time.

Soon my birthday will be. There is no need to count which one in turn. However, some time ago I decided to make myself a present for this day and create a page about what has always been interesting to me.

The Great Giana Sisters - original Commodore 64/128 floppy version and ZZAP!64 Magazine
The Great Giana Sisters – original Commodore 64/128 floppy version and ZZAP!64 Magazine

Voices in my head

Many years ago, small 8-bit computers made a mess in my head. I think many people in those times had the same problem. Atari, Commodore, there was a lot of fun with them. Over time, these adorable machines have gone to oblivion. People have taken care of other things, I have not. From time to time, somewhere in the back of my head, these nice devices reminded that they still exist. Because of these voices in my head, I have occasionally bought one or two Atari computers, sometimes some Commodore machines, another time a interesting disk drive. So in the end, I gathered a modest but eye-catching collection. The voices have not died down, the collection is growing …

Rescuing Orc and Bear Essentials - new games for Commodore 64/128
Rescuing Orc and the Bear Essentials – new games for Commodore 64/128

Retro mission

Some time ago it turned out, that the world of 8-bit computers still exists and is doing quite well, new games and new equipment are being created. At that time, a thought appeared in my head, to create a website for other retro related people. With time, when the idea matured, I have decided that I did not want to focus only on the themes related to games. I want to include materials related to film, music, and the books, rooted somewhere in the climate of the 80’s and 90’s of the last century. Will it succeed, we will see in a while. The more your comments will appear on these pages, the more I will be determined to keep this place alive.

VHS tapes
VHS cassette collection

Slowly moving towards the end

To not bore you, only a few words about computers and games. I have always had the greatest sentiment for the Commodore brand. Probably for the fact that Commodore 64 was my first computer, which I got when I was 11 years old. I also like Atari, I recently bought Amstrad cpc464, which I did not have and never seen before. I like everything that is 8-bit. I like platformers even more. Playing platformers on 8-bit computers it is the perverse pleasure 😉

I do not know if anyone ever reads  “about me” pages when visiting different places on the Internet. But if you get here, let me know. Have a fun good time on Retrocorner.NET.


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