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In January 2019. All lovers of computer classics will have a nice surprise. “L’Abbaye des morts” a new game from Double Sided Games, will appear on Commodore 64.

I did not play this game, I only watched materials available on the Internet. But after watching the game trailer, I have a very good feeling about this production. That’s why I think that the surprise will be nice. See it and judge for yourself.

The forces of Evil

The main character is Jean Raymond. He belongs to the Cathars that have been excommunicated by the Catholic church. Now he has to run away. The Crusaders are chasing him. He is looking for a hideout in ancient ruins, but he does not know, that they are controlled by the forces of Evil 🙂

L'Abbaye des morts - Commodore 64
L’Abbaye des morts – Commodore 64

It looks really good so far. I like the graphics and the sound. I was looking for the right word to express the atmosphere of what I see and only one thing comes to mind is sophisticated. According to the publisher, we will get 20 demanding rooms to complete and 14 different enemies to defeat. Of course, there will be a dragon, how would it be without a dragon?

How to get it?

„L’Abbaye des morts” in the collector’s version can be pre-ordered on the publisher’s website. The floppy disk version costs 39 CAD, 49 CAD cartridge version (approximately 26 euro and 33 euro).

The game has so far been available on many other platforms, including ZX Spectrum, MSX, Sega Genesis, Sega Mega Drive and PCs.

The article is not sponsored. I ordered the game at my own expense. As I will play, I will definitely share with you the impressions. For now, I am waiting, rather impatiently.


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