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There are places on the Internet that every retro fan should know. Check the links below. – one of the best atari sites on the Internet. Latest news, games and hardware. In addition, an archive of games and magazines. Only in Polish. – commodore 64 mods & arcade gaming gear. – exclusive material about the Commodore 64 home computer that we all know and love. – new homebrew video game publisher for old systems. – source of new equipment for Commodore 64 and Amiga. – source of new equipment for older computers like Atari, Commodore and Spectrum. – a retro game publisher. – a hobbyist gamedev team and non profit software publisher. – retro games development and distribution. – here you’ll find various new, unused old stock and salvaged retro computer components and peripherals, mainly for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. – a games development team and retro publisher, concentrating on the Atari STE, PC and C64 platforms. – source of new equipment for Commodore 64.

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