I really, really like this game.

I could finish this post right now. I like it, that’s all. It’s over. But I started to wonder why. What makes such old-fashioned games still have their faithful fans around the world? I know that most of us have a fondness for one or another gaming platform. We are happy to return from time to time to our favourite titles. But what, besides sentiments, makes you want your Atari, Commodore, Spectrum or Nintendo to turn on? Why do you want to spend hours in the pixelated reality? Modern computers can generate probably any idea of game developers. The budgets of game producers reach hundreds of millions of dollars (GTA V – $ 256 million). So why?

What was in the past and is today in our favorite games, that makes us to come back to them? What makes the pixel characters have the chance to compete for our attention? Isn’t it like with a book? Where the book is a kind of scaffolding for our imagination, around which we build our version of the described story.

Rescuing Orc (just my imagination, this book is not part of the game)
Rescuing Orc (just my imagination, this book is not part of the game)

Programmer or artist, maybe both?

Many games for old computers still have their charm, because they are just like books. They leave space for the imagination. But the uncomplicated graphics and high-pitched sounds coming from the loudspeaker are not the key to success. Making convincing graphics with such limited capabilities as 8-bit computers have, is a work similar to creating a good logo. Not everyone can show too much with a few pixels or a simple shape. The creators of our favourite games are doing it.

The Goblin

Rescuing Orc” is just that kind of game. A game that surpasses all of the above conditions. The author of the game is Juan J. Martínez. The great loading screen was created by Vanja Utne. The main character is Goblin, who sets out to search for his friend Orc. Must go through five dangerous worlds, to be able to drink tea with his old friend. So the story of true male friendship 🙂

Commodore 64 Rescuing Orc disk version
Commodore 64 Rescuing Orc disk version

I highly recommend

The game is extremely pleasant. The individual stages are diverse. We have to fight different opponents with very bad characters and equally bad intentions. Encountered opponents are angry and cunning. Fortunately, the main character holds a solid piece of iron in his hand. There’s nothing to worry about.

Rescuing Orc - Commodore 64
Rescuing Orc – Commodore 64

“Rescuing Orc” is available for free download on the author’s website. A collector’s version can be purchased on the poly.play website. The most enjoyable of course is to play on the real Commodore 64. If by chance you don’t have such a machine, then an emulator should also give a lot of joy.

The game can be completed in a few evenings, but I’m happy to come back to it every now and then. I honestly recommend this game and look forward to the next parts.


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