Sam’s Journey.

What features should an ideal platformer have? Fast action, well-matched controls and the ability to save game status. If the above is enriched with a nice graphic and sound, you’ve got everything you need. Do you remember many titles for our favorite 8-bit computers that meet all the above criteria? I try to remember such games, but it is not easy.

But in XXI century, 35 years after Commodore 64 release, someone took it, squeezed everything out of it and created Sam’s Journey. Yes, it’s an 8-bit work of art for me.

Sam’s Journey collector’s box version.

The Game

It should start with the very release of the game. It has been refined in every detail. The collector’s version that I bought, takes up two floppy disks. In the box there are also: instruction, map, cards with the images of the main character and a little chest with diamonds :). All elements are very high quality (even diamonds).

Before buying, I saw videos showing how Sam’s Journey looks like. I knew what to expect. But after launching it on my c64, I was surprised by the quality of the graphics, music and gameplay. It reminds me more of what I used to play on Amiga than c64.

Two floppy disks and the chest filled with diamonds 🙂

The authors have really put a lot of work and skills into creating this game. Smooth scrolling in all directions, combined with a fantastic graphic, sound and music, it must impress. The game is huge. We have three worlds divided into 27 extended levels. Fortunately, in Sam’s Journey, we can find checkpoints and after completing the entire level, we can save the state of the game.

Sam likes to dress up in someone’s clothes ;). During the game, he can turn into a pirate, ninja, cosmonaut and other characters, of course if he can find the right outfit. Changing the outfit is not just a new look, it’s also new skills. The pirate fights bad guys, ninja climbs the walls and astronaut jumps very high using his jetpack.

Sam's Journey - Commodore 64
Sam’s Journey – Commodore 64

To buy or not to buy, that is the question

Sam’s Journey was created by Knights of Bytes. You can buy the game in a collector’s box version or in electronic distribution on the Protovision website. The game is definitely not cheap. The purchase of a game in electronic distribution is an expense of nearly 20 euros. The floppy version costs 45 euros and the cartridge version 55 euros. After all, the game is worth every penny. It allows you to play for hours. I should rather write that it allows to play for days or even weeks. That was at least in my case.

I highly recommend this great game all Commodore 64 lovers.


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