The bear in action.

What every decent bear does when winter approaches? Of course, he starts collecting apples. What else could a bear do? This is what the main character of the Bear Essentials must also take care of. The Bear Essentials is the game released in 2017 on Commodore 64. The main character is a bear who has to collect 326 apples. Apples will allow the bear’s family to survive the coming winter. But it is not as easy as it may seem. Other forest creatures also need these apples. So the bear must try very hard.

Ads are everywhere, even among bears ;)
Ads are everywhere, even among bears 😉

Be careful, you risk a sleepless night

The graphics in the The Bear Essentials is great, music well matched and it doesn’t get boring during a long play. The game is dangerously addictive, be careful if you have to to get up early in the morning. Everyone probably knows it, „five more minutes and I finish”, and so for a few more hours.


I wondered why I like this game so much. It reminds me of the Jet Set Willy and I have to admit, that I really like the Jet Set Willy. Only the Bear Essentials is the Jet Set Willy on steroids, with great graphics and the right level of difficulty. You have to take some time to complete it. It took me a few long and very pleasant evenings. The author has placed a pleasant surprise in the game for the most persistent seekers. I will not reveal details. Look for yourself 🙂

The Bear Essentials - Commodore 64
The Bear Essentials – Commodore 64

A few more details

The publisher is Pond Software. The author of the game, including graphics and sound is Graham Axten. The Bear Essentials is free to download on the Pond Software site. This is the free version from 2016. You can also buy a collector’s version on a diskette or cassette. It’s definitely worth doing. The game in this version is very well prepared, colorful, with additional surprises. It looks good on the shelf next to other retro- trophies.

The Bear Essentials - Commodore 64
The Bear Essentials – Commodore 64

The game has THIS atmosphere. For Commodore 64 users, this is a must-have game. If you don’t have real equipment, you should use the emulator. There is also a lot of joy. It would be great to play the second part, I really hope that it will appear sometime.

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