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I recently got a new little book “Robbo. Solucja”. It is made of paper, like all of books. What’s unique about that, you may ask. But this is a very special book. It was written by a small 8-bit Atari computer.

In the first place, a program, a text generator had to appear on the 8-bit Atari. Thanks to this program this small computer could generate the content of the book. The authors of the program are: Piotr Marecki, the originator and author of input data to the generator and Wojciech “Bocianu” Bociański the author of the code. The composition in the Calamus program on the Atari TT computer was made by Piotr “Kroll” Mietniowski. The design of the cover was created by Krzysztof “Kaz” Ziembik in the Crack Art program for the Atari 4160STE computer. In this way, the book “Robbo. Solucja” (in english  “Robbo. Walkthrough”) was created.

Computer creativity

The book contains a description of all 56 game stages of Robbo for 8-bit Atari. Of course, this is not a real walkthrough. Trying to proceed as described, you probably do not complete any stage. This is the “imagination” of the Atari computer. But you read it like a real walkthrough. The descriptions of the game stages complete the comments of real players, who left their memories on YouTube. You can download the text generator from here. To run it, you need an 8-bit Atari or an emulator. The operation of the generator can also be viewed here. I will quote a fragment of the description of one of the stages for those who do not have this book.

“Planet No. 11

Tilt the joystick lever to the left. Shoot the devil. Watch out for magnets. Say a vulgar word describing flying eyes. Open the door. Tilt the joystick up. Block the laser beam. Tilt the joystick joystick to the right. Watch out for magnets. Put down the cigarette. Watch out for bats.”

Robbo. Solucja - Ha!art Publishing House - Poland 2018
Robbo. Solucja – Ha!art Publishing House – Poland 2018

An exceptional game

There is a reason why exactly this game is described in the book. In Poland, because the book was created right here, Robbo has the status of an exceptional game. I will not write much about it right now, I will do it in a separate post. I think that most of you know it, if not, you can see it here.

In the book there is not only a description of all the Robbo stages, which should be treated with a pinch of salt. You will also find a set of interesting information from the author. You can read about the history of Atari in Poland. How much this computer has influenced the development of electronic entertainment in this country. How important is Atari for many of people in Poland.

The book was published by the publishing house Ha!art from Cracov in Poland. On the day of publication of this post, the book was still available for purchase at the online store. This is undoubtedly an interesting addition to every 8-bit collection.


Finally, someone could ask why, for what purpose to publish such a book? But why not? Certainly for the love of Atari, the unique machine. To prove to yourself and others that you can do it. But also to show that nowadays, many years after the production of Atari computers has ended, these machines are still alive and are doing quite well. You definitely need a bit of madness, in a positive way, to create and publish such a book. Let there be more madness like this around us.


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